Fcukin Flava Soft Drink Series 10ML

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Fcukin Flava Soft Drink Series 10ML 35mg VG50 PG50

Seven Up 

A very unique fresh lemon mixed with coolness taste of sevenup giving you a sensational feeling of freshness from every inhale. The sourness comes from the lemon and the coolness comes from the mint leaves, the perfect combination of sweet and sour taste that will make you crave it all day everyday.


The perfect balance of rose and fruity floral just like the way it looks. Giving you a desirable balance of sweet and sour taste once you try it. It is very famous for its lingering floral scent and loved by many for its delightful sweet fruity taste.


Premium liquid adapted from the isotonic drink giving you a sweet taste, boost energy and rehydration in every puff you take. It is very calm on your throat, sweet on your tongue and energizing to your mind.

Bandung Soda

Bandung Soda is known as a classic drink in South East Asia with the mixture if condensed milk flavored with rose syrup. It will give you that floral sweet and refreshing taste of freezy rose syrup milk.


Flavour: Super 100
Nic Level: 35mg