Nasty 10ML

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Bad Blood
The freshly picked sweet blackcurrant that are bursting with flavour and sprinkled them with cool mint leaves to leave you refreshed and wanting more. 

Slow Blow 
An exotic blend of pineapple, lime and soda. Sweet notes of pineapple are counterbalanced by the zesty lime and finished off with a fizzy soda exhale. Summery and fresh.

Trap Queen
Layers of ripe, sweet strawberries are blended with a cooling and crisp note of low mint.

Crush Man
A fruity tropical explosion of fresh ripe mango.

Hippie Trail
A zesty blend of lemon and lime make for a mouth watering top note with a slightly sweeter after taste.

Silver Blend
A luxurious take on a traditional tobacco vape. Rich, smokey notes of tobacco are blended with a woody and sweet vanilla bean. Rich and earthy on the inhale, smooth and sweet on the exhale.

 Bronze Blend
Mixture of savory notes of tobacco blended with mellow caramel. The top note is the earthy and deep flavour of tobacco, followed by the sweeter notes of of soft caramel.

Sicko Blue
Pairing the tart notes of fresh blue raspberries with a handful of mixed berries. 

Bursting with blueberry and finished with a cooling exhale.

Broski Berry
Full of freshly picked blackberries accompanied by red forest berries, and a layer of sweet aniseed. Aromatic, sweet and just a little sour

Flavour: Cushman Mango
Nic Level: 35mg