Fcukin Flava AVD Series 60ML

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Fcukin Flava AVD Series 60ML 6MG VG70 PG30


  • frosty hacks
  • greezy grape
  • strawberry jello
  • smashin lemonade
  • fcukin mungkey
  • philippines mango
  • freezy mango


FCUKIN' MUNKEY - The “cult favourite e-liquid!”. The all time favourite and best sellers. A sweet unique taste of Honeydew with a subtle blend of bubble gum, plus the low cooling effect: PERFECTO!

FREEZY PINEAPPLE - Exotic and juicy taste of real pineapples with a low cooling effect on the exhale. Perfect for summer vape! One of the most-fav among the Fcukin’ Flava’s fans.

PHILLIPINES MANGO - The taste of real ripe mango with a mix of tropical fruits. Sweet and refreshing, with low cooling effect. This will instantly be your ADV juice. Crazy Delicious! 

FREEZY MANGO - A real taste of green mango with a little punch of sweet and sour, plus the low cooling effect that will surely keep you floating on cloud 9. One of the kind.

SMASHIN LEMONADE - Experience the perfect blend of fresh Lemonade and Tangerine. It will definitely leave you wanting more. Perfect for your All-Day-Vape. Zingy!

STRAWBERRY JELLO - Improved taste of our sought-after ADV – “Cool Berry”. Unique taste of fresh ripe strawberries with a low cooling effect and hint of jello on the exhale. Perfect for your daily vape.

FROSTY HACKS - Solid recreation of the classic cough sweets – HACKS. Fresh, sweet and pleasant unique taste, plus the throat hit! This one is definitely a must-try.

Flavour: Strawberry Jello
Nic Level: 6mg