Relx Infinity Pod

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Relx Infinity Pod with a gigantic 2ml capacity for its pre-filled nicotine salt e-juice pods that last about 650 puffs, Infinity pods are available in a wide variety of Vape tastes.

Due to their innovative maze coil architecture, RELX Infinity pods are leak-proof vape.

11 structural layers on the coil guard against internal leaks and humidity for a safer vape experience.

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 Vape Specification :

  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Pod Life Span: 500-650 puff
  • Pack of 3 pods

Vape Flavours List :

  • Fresh Red - Watermelon

    Hawaiian Sunshine - Pineapple

    Sunset Paradise - Guava

    Sunny Sparkle - Orange

    Golden Slice - Mango

    Ludou Ice - Mungbean

    Mellow Melody - Honeydew

    White Freeze - Icy Slush

    Exotic Passion - Passion Fruit

    Garden's Heart - Strawberry

    Dark Sparkle - Cola

    Tangy Purple - Grape

    Orchard Rounds - Peach

    Crisp Green - Apple

    Golden Crystal - Honey Grapefruit

    Zesty Sparkle - Sprite

    Tangy Green - Grape Apple

    Jasmine Green Tea

    Iced Latte

    Fragrant Fruit - Lychee

    Root Brew - Rootbeer / Sarsi


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Flavor: Apple