SP2 Pod

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SP2 is also called SPRINGTIME. SP2 Pod starter set includes a USB Type C connector for the rechargeable SP2s gadget. The battery and pod cartridge both have magnets for simple plug-and-play.

SP2 is also famous in the market since longtime ago.

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 Vape Specification :

  • Nicotine 3% 
  • Capacity 2ml per pod
  • Pack of 3 pods

Vape Flavours List :

  • Alpha Classic
  • Bubble Gum X Lime
  • Cool Lemonade
  • Double Mint
  • Energy Drink
  • Freeze Coke
  • Fresh Melon
  • Grape White
  • Guava
  • Gummy Honeydew
  • Heineken
  • Jasmine Green Tea
  • Lite Mango
  • Long Jin Tea
  • Mr Bean
  • Root Bear
  • Rose Tea
  • Secret Passion
  • Summer Pine
  • Tasty Peach
  • Tea Guan Yin
  • Tropical Peach
  • Vita Orange
  • Pure Lychee
  • Ruby Strawberry
  • Green Apple
  • Baby Taro
  • BB Gum X Lime
  • Winter Tobacco


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Flavor: Alpha Classic